Welcome to Shane Skinner's eResume


After over 15 years in the sales and customer service industry, I decided to finally pursue one of my passions: software development. I have been asked why I changed careers. First, I have always had an interest in web design and creating application software. In addition, I have several entrepreneurial ideas and they all include some type of software: websites, mobile apps, and/or other programs. I knew the common denominator of all my ideas and plans involved developing, so I made the decision to pursue my goal of earning a college degree and learn how to become a great developer.

Career Goals

My career objective is to start a long career as a Software Developer. I want to gain employment developing websites or applications so I can utilize and enhance the development skills I have learned and help my employer meet their goals.

My primary goal is to find long-term, full-time employment with an organization. I am also looking to find more freelance or part-time web design projects.

If you need a developer or a web host, please contact me so we can discuss your project and determine how I can help you.